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MTGOX not allowing withdrawals of bitcoin without verification.

I'm unable to move any bitcoin out of mtgox until I finish their month or two long verification process. I have used them for years with no issue getting the coins out. This is a new development in the last month or two. Anyone who is not expecting this, beware.
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Verification needed to withdraw bitcoin from MtGox?

I've been withdrawing bitcoin from MtGox for months now. I know you had to be verified in order to withdraw USD so I never even tried it. Today when I tried to withdraw bitcoin again it's telling me that my account is pending review and I need to be verified. Since when did this change? Do all accounts need verification now?
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Verification and withdrawing Bitcoins from MtGox?

Has anyone ever been successful in having the verification waived?
I went full retard and dropped +$250 on my first bitcoin purchase ever, so to be safe I thought I'd use MtGox as it seemed to be the most popular. I chose to fund it through Bitinstant. That was Yesterday. Today I try to pop my bitcoin cherry and use some of it. NOPE, the thing says I have to verify my ID to spend it? Whatever I say, I go to see what's the deal with that and it says it takes up to 10 days. 10 DAYS!?! I wish they made this clear when the took MY money.
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How many people cannot take their money/bitcoin out of MTGOX

I submitted Dec 11 2013 for validation and now over a month. I was stupid to dump bitcoin into mtgox and now have a decent sum of money and bitcoin there and want to withdraw a few bitcoin and can't. I have sent a few emails to MTGOX and feel like they are holding my mined bitcoins hostage not allowing me to take back whats officially mine and put it into my wallet.
Do you think we should start a petition! If so how do we go about it? If any lawyers out there read this and are screwed the same way help us out.
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Is Vault of Satoshi sufficient for experiencing daytrading? What is the process of removing funds from VOS?

Hello, I'm currently in the research phase for a thesis concerning Bitcoin. I am trying to experience all facets of the currency. I would like to day trade and am drawn to both VOS and Mt.Gox.
Ultimately I would like to remove the funds from either of these exchanges after a week or so to use for other means, so I am curious what the process is and how difficult it might be to remove either coins or CAD?
Info for both scenarios/currencies would be appreciated.
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My recent wire experience

Want to relay my recent experience to help other canucks entering the cryptocurrency scene. I wanted to invest 100K in both main coins and some alt coins. Depositing that amount can’t be done using ETF/bank-transfeetc. – the only reasonably quick way is to wire funds. For wires, most exchanges have a percentage based deposit fee – something that makes absolutely no sense to me. Whether you wire 1K or 1MM, the amount of work for the exchange is identical, so it should be a flat fee. Deciding on an exchange is more complicated than that though: each one has their own rules for minimums/maximums, trading fees, supported coins, holding periods, and withdrawal fees. They also can vary greatly on the amount of time verification takes. One thing to note is that pretty much all exchanges don’t charge a fee for inbound crypto transfers.
2 months ago I signed up for 10 exchanges (Coinbase/GDAX, Binance, Coinsquare, Kraken, ezBTC, QuadrigaCX, Bitfinex, Gemeni, Bittrex, Poloniex) and was verified on 7 of them (I’m still in queue for Gemeni, Bittrex, and Poloniex). Verification times gave me what I thought was a decent indicator of the level and quality of support I would receive.
Of these exchanges, some have what I believe to be relatively high trading fees (Gemeni .25%, Bittrex, .25%, ezBTC .30%, QuadrigaCX .50%) vs lower maketaker fees (GDAX 0/.3%, Binance .1/.1%, Gitfinex .1/.2%, Coinsquare .1/.2%, Kraken .16/.26%). Still others have high percentage based wire fees. And finally, there’s a big disparity between withdrawal fees: free on some exchanes, vs fixed rate based on the coin for others, vs Coinsquare’s insane fixed 0.0025 BTC regardless of what coin or the amount being withdrawn.
So here are some observations on the exchanges. Please note that the below is not a reflection on any of the people who work at the exchanges. I’m sure they are working as hard as they can and are doing their best. It’s just my experience. It’s also not financial advice. Also, I’m only human so feel free to offer corrections or better advice.
Coinsquare: amazingly fast verification time, and for very large deposits seems to likely be the best option as they will let you speak to a human being by phone and will waive the deposit fee (I didn’t know this until later though). I excluded them because of their high 0.5% percentage based deposit fee and their crazy high withdrawal fee. They also only have support for 6 coins.
QuadrigaCX: I had a terrible initial experience with QuadrigaCX’s support, so I immediately excluded them. They have high trading fees and there are many complaints of support tickets being ignored or having extremely lengthy wait times. They have a crazy high 1% percentage based CAD wire fee, but offer free USD wires. Note that they only support wires for large amounts.
GDAX/Coinbase: Loads of good reviews, but only has support for 4 coins. Seems like they also don’t have a fee for crypto withdrawals. You also can’t seem to wire CAD or USD funds directly to GDAX. I think you may have to wire USD funds to Coinbase and then transfer them over to GDAX (for free).
Kraken: I created an account but the verification page just appeared blank for me. After a few days, their support team got back to me telling me that they had a bug and that I needed to create a new account using a different email address and try again. That worked. I decided to use them as they seemed like the best all-around alternative. I was impressed with their support response (they gave me an answer that worked and responded in days as opposed to weeks), they offer a no-fee inbound CAD wire, support 16 coins, and have low (though not free) crypto withdrawal fees. They have also been around a while and have a good reputation (They were picked to handle MtGox claims). Wiring funds to them was a hair-raising experience though. You basically need to send your funds to an unknown bank in Tokyo, Japan. Kraken also has two slightly different sets of wire instructions: one that is on their website, and the other that their support folks send out. Only one of them mentions that you should tell your bank not to use an intermediary that will convert your currency. If you do things properly, and are lucky, you end up only paying ~$40 in fees. But chances are, you don’t, and end up paying 4%! (see You also have no idea how much the fees will be until the money finally shows up in your account. That’s tremendously unsettling. Luckily my bank branch manager was familiar with crypto currency wires and helped me do things properly. But, the wire took over 2 weeks to show up (Jan 18th), and Kraken support is so overloaded that they didn’t’ respond, despite me escalating my support ticket several times. I eventually had to resort to a reddit post to get a response to my support ticket. I gave support my wire receipt and answered lots of additional questions to help them try to “locate” it. Perhaps the worst part of my entire experience was that while my wire was being located, the entire crypto market tanked by 50%...and no one would respond to my support ticket…I felt helpless. A Kraken support rep a few days ago said that they are handing >50K new user registrations per day and have >20K new support tickets per day. I feel they should turn off new user registrations until they are capable of servicing existing customers. This is what their competitors have done. I found it disheartening to learn that the only way to get a response to my support ticket was to complain via social media --- many others have found the same. While I was waiting for my wire to appear Kraken had a >48h outage. Prior to the outage, the site was almost unusable as you’d receive constant 50x errors (I found this out prior to wiring my funds). After the outage, I find that their site is still barely usable. Pages take 10-15 seconds to load and when they do load many times they display errors so you have to continually retry until things work. At the end of the day though, they did come through for me: my wire arrived safely. So with my funds in Kraken, I tried to use them to purchase crypto. But no matter what I tried, none of the CAD dollar trading pairs would appear. I logged out and back in a few times and 15 minutes later, it suddenly started appearing. With the flakiness in Kraken’s platform, I had no choice but to transfer everything to a more stable and faster exchange:
Binance: These guys have their shit in order. Super simple site navigation once you get used to it, fast verification times, blazingly fast website and trading engine, more than 50 coins supported, etc. But, they don’t support fiat – you must use one of the other exchanges to buy crypto with fiat and then transfer in your crypto. Gotta say it again: everything is super fast. Not just the page loads, but also trading, email confirmations, and withdrawals. Trading takes a bit of getting used to as you aren’t really buying or selling crypto…you are instead “trading” one crypto coin for another. Depending on the coin you want to purchase, you might have to trade your coin for BNB (binance’s own coin) and then trade BNB for the coin you desire.
Be Your Own Bank: One final word of advice. Binance is awesome, but don’t trust anyone as despite everyone’s best intentions: no matter how secure a platform is, it can and will be hacked. As soon as you have done your shopping, transfer your coins off to your own wallet. This is why withdrawal fees are important.
You might be asking: in hindsight, if I had to do it all over again, what would I do differently? To wire CAD funds I would try to use Coinsquare if it’s a big amount (after re-reading other people’s recent reviews). For USD wires, I might try using Gemeni, but I still haven’t been verified by them and have been waiting for almost 2 months. Before using either I would re-test how long it takes for a support ticket to be responded to. If you do wire funds, don't wire an exact round amount like "10,000.00", instead I would wire "10,070.45" so that it's easier to locate if things go wrong. Once the account has been funded I wouldn’t hesitate to transfer everything to another exchange if I wasn’t happy with the platform, the number of coin offerings, or quality of service I was receiving: you can always come back when things improve.
Things change so quickly so not sure how helpful this will be…just wished I had known some of the above before starting.
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MTGox seems to have no interest in tracking or talking about the 'missing' or 'stolen' coins

Unlike a pile of cash that is missing, or coins that are lost via theft of private keys, MTGox's Bitcoins were apparently stolen by known users, that is if they were stolen by transaction malleability.
Simply to get an account on MTGox you need verification, and a LOT of it. Licences, notaries, apostilles, etc are some of the things required. To use transaction malleability you need to have a real account, and to make withdrawals. These withdrawals are IN THE BLOCK CHAIN and you search properly (and have standard information from inside of MTGOX) you can find each instance of theft and who did it.
Why is MTGox not doing this or lettings us know what happened?
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What do we know about LCC and the team behind it?

List of LCC team/promoters on reddit (please suggest others if you know of them)
litecoincash (redditor for 21 days) <---- Tanner, lead LCC dev
BreadInTheBucket (redditor for 1 year) <---- Mod of /LCCofficial
mindhunteronline/ (redditor for 6 months) <---- this is, a dev associated with the GitHub repository, called Michael "Scarlet" Wyszynski on the website
ScandinavianMal (redditor for 5 days) <---- might be just a cheerleader
hashmandu (redditor for 22 days) <---- might be just a cheerleader
More information:
“It confuses people into thinking litecoin is splitting,” Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, told CoinDesk on Friday. “The litecoin community has no interest in splitting. It’s just some people trying to make a quick buck. And calling it litecoin gives them some legitimacy.”
Shout out to jaydoubleu who kicked off the idea with his original post here.
I will collate more info here as I (or other people) find it:
Apparently is affiliated with the team. They are listed as 'Design Lead, Liason Lead'. They currently have no activity whatsoever on GitHub.
11:13:57 GMT+1100 (AEDT)
litecoincash announced a couple of hours ago that will be the first exchange to allow LCC trading:
There seems to be a LOT of negative news about this exchange:
Bitcointalk post about the fork:;all
Interview with 'Tanner':
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Bitgrail insolvent?

Posting here because everything gets deleted from main sub.
How come no-one is talking about Bitgrail's ETH issues? A lot of people have kept quiet about this, but there was a long period where Bitgrail was crediting ETH deposits twice.
Around 3 weeks ago, it was all over Twitter and in the daily discussion on /railblocks. Can't find links atm but is referenced here - reasons to not use Bitgrail warning post from 10 days ago.
People said at the time they would deposit ETH, and it got credited to their accounts twice. They withdrew quickly, and kept quiet about it since (who can blame them).
But the problem for Bitgrail is that means large volumes of ETH are now missing. We've all seen the large XRB wallet, but what about the currencies people are trading against?
MTgox literally started in the same way. They fucked up their internal ledger - in their case because of a hack - and it all started by making withdrawals harder to do:
Within 4 months of that post, everyone's money was gone.
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Great news! Bitfloor USD withdrawals now open.

For those who haven't seen it, Roman just posted the update we've all been waiting for on
We are pleased to announce that we are ready to start returning USD funds. Please follow the instructions on the withdraw page. If your account balance is over 3000 USD, you must first open an account with IAFCU and then provide your IAFCU account number.
=== === ===
Update July 6, 12:56 PM Pacific: I'm already getting emails and seeing responses here about various login/withdrawal/balance-related issues. I imagine it may take a few days for all the ins and outs of the refund process to become clear to all of us. If you are experiencing USD withdrawal-related issues (such as $0 balance showing up on your account when you know you had a positive balance) that are not resolved by 7/12, please send me a PM or email and I will start tracking those issues and reporting them to those on the update email list. If you would like to be added to that list, PM me your email address.
Update July 6, 12:59 PM Pacific: sodoubleoggood reports that Bitfloor has removed all pending withdrawals, so for users who were seeing $0 balances due to pending withdrawals, check your account again to see if that's cleared up.
Update July 7, 10:36 PM Pacific: I have been receiving numerous reports of bugs and account access issues from users who are trying to submit their withdrawal requests. I am keeping track of these comments, but because Bitfloor just announced the refund process yesterday, I am asking everyone to give Bitfloor one more week (until 7/12) to start working through their backlog of customer support emails. If by the end of next week there does not appear to be progress, I will create a "master list" of issues reported to me and will use the email update list to communicate progress on those issues.
Update July 10, 2:18 PM Pacific: Understandably, a lot of people want to know when they're going to get their refunds now that they've submitted ID info to Bitfloor or IAFCU. I don't have any information from Bitfloor or IAFCU suggesting a specific timeline, but here are my thoughts on the matter.
Those in the < $3,000 camp will be wondering about the timeline for verification of docs uploaded via Bitfloor. In the last few days before the exchange shut down, document verifications were taking 5-10 business days, so I could imagine the process taking the same amount of time now (and maybe longer since hundreds of customers are re-submitting their documents all at the same time). I don't believe Bitfloor has a large staff doing this manual processing the way that MtGox does, so I don't expect Bitfloor can get through thousands of verifications a day like they do.
Likewise, people in the IAFCU camp may need to wait several days for a phone call. IAFCU is a very small credit union (and it may in fact be Jordan alone doing all account verifications), and if my spreadsheet represents, say, half of all Bitfloor users, IAFCU may have already received a couple hundred new applications in the last few days, each of which requires a telephone confirmation step (and possibly even a confirmation of a donation sent to a local charity). So I won't be surprised if it takes a few more days for IAFCU applications to get processed.
I know it's frustrating that it's taking so long. But I still think our best bet continues to be patience.
Update July 10, 10:42 PM Pacific: SpottedMarley from posted this message indicating that he has spoken to a person at IAFCU who is working on processing the new account applications. He includes a lot of interesting details.
=== === ===
Here's what's currently appearing after I log in to my Bitfloor account.
[Right-hand sidebar showing my BTC and USD balance]
[Left-hand content area with the following instructions:]
USD Refunds
In order to receive your USD refund, please read and follow the instructions below.
If your USD balance is 3000 USD or more, you must first open an account with IAFCU and provide your IAFCU account information and NOT your current bank account information.
Everyone is required to provide the following information:
The cost for processing a refund (set by IAFCU) is 2.50 USD which will be deducted from your account balance. If your balance is below 2.50 USD we cannot process your refund at this time.
International Users should fill out the information below and use a SWIFT code in place of a routing number.
Copy of Government ID
The photo must be clear, cropped to the dimensions of the scanned document, and upright.
=== === ===
Here's the email response I received from Internet Credit Union after I submitted my account application:
Dear AudenX,
Ok so you have submitted your application for a new Account- If I were you I would saying: Now What?
First Step
The next business day a real person in the good ole US of A will review what you sent and perhaps wonder why you forgot some information we really need.
Second Step
This real person (maybe even me) will call and verify you are really you. So please pick up the phone or at least call us back.
When we call, answer the phone as three things will happen:
  1. We are required to “Know our customers”. This means that personal touch of actually speaking with you and verifying some of the information on your application.
  2. We will give your account number . If you want a really cool account number you can request one by donating either dollars or bitcoins. Hey we are a not for profit and need to keep fees down for everyone. Accounts numbers from 100-9,999 can be gotten by helping support us. The lower or more special the number the higher the donation.
  3. We will ask you if you want to set up A2A transfer from another financial institution. Then you can transfer money from one those big banks that helped bring down the economy just a few years ago to us little but good guys that care about your financial well being.
Third Step – Sign onto online banking:
READ THIS, perhaps even print it and put on your frig next to those fruit or poetry word magnets, and it will save us both lots puzzled states at a screen:
Log on now the day we call you and we mean today:
You need to log on with 24 hours of us creating your account and contacting you otherwise we will have to reset your PW. And why take up your time on long call with us when you could be out there saving the world.
How do I log on?:
We encourage people to jump from our home page: IAFCU.ORG. Also then you can read my old and new blogs and make my dad happy.
What do I do if its my first time?:
Mainly answer the phone! Part of being with a Credit Union is that we like to get to know our members and we will personally call you and walk you through how to get on and navigate online banking.
Name that Account:
Once on you may want to go to Nick Names Under XXX and change the names of your accounts. Primary Share is called a Savings Account in the banking world and Share Draft is checking account. Yup we can help you with that.
Jordan Modell
=== === ===
df546rtghr65y4 asked an important question:
So how is it that the IAFCU is able to issue accounts to people outside NJ?
Very good question.
This may seem weird to some customers who are new to credit unions (Wikipedia article), but if you've never used a credit union before, one of the first things to know is that their charters require them to have a well-defined "field of membership" that limits who is able to become a member. In the case of IAFCU, the field of membership is those who live or worship in New Brunswick, NJ. However, IAFCU can satisfy the field of membership requirement for those outside New Brunswick if they make a small donation to a New Brunswick-based nonprofit.
So for those who (like me) are opening an IAFCU account but reside outside of New Brunswick, here's the info you're going to receive from IAFCU when they call you (from an email exchange I had with Jordan):
Please note that if you live outside New Brunswick NJ the only other requirement is donate $5 (usually we ask $10 but understand circumstances) to a local charity. There are four who are bitcoin friendly and worthy the one we deal with the most is Elijah's Promise they are a soup kitchen-food pantry and a lot more. They have no relation to us and it is tax deductible. We can tell you about the others when we call you.
Although this might seem like a hassle to some, presumably everyone who is opening a new account with IAFCU has over $3,000 to recover from Bitfloor, and the $2.50 processing fee + $5 donation is hardly a loss compared to what we were fearing might happen (e.g. 25-50% loss through a class-action lawsuit).
06-July-2013: <-- Great news
10-June-2013: <-- Good news
AudenX unofficial USD balance owed tally as of Saturday, 06-July-2013: 270 respondents. $791,000.
USD balance reported by IAFCU via SpottedMarley on Wednesday, 10-July-2013: over $2.8M
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MtGox summary of events, March 2013 - Feb 2014.

If anyone gives a damn about my opinion, here's what I've pieced together in this MtGox saga. The following is speculation and all info I've gathered from public sources and reddit speculation.
Early 2013 and prior, MtGox was solvent and 'above the law'.
March 2013, FinCEN issued guidance stating Bitcoin Exchanges, such as Mt Gox, who had business with customers in the US had to register as a "money services business" (MSB), lest they be subject to law enforcement.
On 15 May 2013, Mt Gox, had their US bank accounts seized for failing to register as MSB in the US.
We've learned that this seizure was ALSO due to investigations into links with Silk Road (SR). Lack of MSB license made FBI's job much easier.
After May 2013, it's my opinion that MtGox was running a fractional reserve exchange. Why? Because the FBI seizure included, not JUST their bank account, but also assets containing the cold storage private keys for MtGox customer's deposits (744,000+ bitcoins).
At this point, we can presume FBI was monitoring ALL MtGox internal trades, and external deposits and withdrawals. The FBI would also be receiving ALL MtGox customer verification information. Without exception. Including me (grrrr)
MtGox were likely told to continue operating normally so that the FBI had an opportunity to catch SR-related and money laundering activity. FBI issues a gag-order against Mark Karpeles/MtGox. Utter a word about this and go to jail. This in itself is the reason for recent horrible Psilence.
MtGox could continue operating because the FBI didn't confiscate the hot wallet running on the servers, since this would prevent them from operating 'as normal'.
October 2013, U.S. law enforcement officials from the FBI shut down Silk Road, following the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the site's alleged proprietor.
MtGox were likely told to continue operating so the FBI can continue to monitor and catch SR users, or those of SR2.0
The run up in Bitcoin price and increased deposits from October to December 2013 resulted in MtGox returning to some kind of solvency. Mark possibly saw light at the end of the tunnel.
December 2013, alleged top moderators of Silk Road 2 forums are arrested in Ireland.
Jan 2014, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, MtGox create the 27 page business plan.
Jan - Feb 2014, Transaction Malleability/incompetence begin to drain MtGox hot wallet.
The hot wallet, as we have learned in the leaked 'Crisis Strategy' doc, contains around 2000 BTC by the time MtGox stop BTC withdrawals in Feb 2014.
Now, instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Mark sees the writing on the wall. MtGox cannot operate 'as normal' as instructed by the FBI. Mark is desperate and needs a BTC injection.
What happens next is possibly illegal and certainly immoral.
This is speculation, although it's alluded to in the Crisis Strategy doc. Mark uses the lower MtGox BTC price for arbitrage, (ie, market manipulation), buying cheap coins on MtGox and selling on other exchanges for higher price. Bringing the $ back to MtGox to buy more cheap bitcoins, rinse and repeat.
At the same time, Mark puts the feelers out for a buyer, someone, anyone to bail out or take over MtGox. Potential Buyer (dont know who) does their due diligence and starts deep investigation. They stumble across the Crisis Strategy doc and immediately notify the authorities and their colleagues in the industry (ie, dont bail out Gox, here's why, authorities notified)
EDIT added: 24 Feb 2014, several businesses issue the joint statement regarding MtGox solvency and 'tragic violation of the trust'. They likely had seen the Crisis Strategy doc before ‏@twobitidiot released it publicly.
end edit
Now MtGox is closed. The FBI have seized fiat dollars AND cold storage private keys containing the supposed 744,000 BTC.
Those 744,000 BTC could be argued by the FBI to be the proceeds of crime.
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Things you should look for in a cryptocurrency exchange

“Let’s say you want to buy 1 Bitcoin, sign up on an exchange and wait for 3 days. A few days later you receive an e-mail saying ‘Our servers compromised… all funds stolen. We are sorry’. Now where to go? ,"
Recent volatility in cryptocurrency space has created a new customer base looking for profit and quick money, these customers are new investors or rookies can take part due to the open nature of cryptocurrency. It is important to choose with which exchange you are buying and selling cryptocurrency.
Many major exchanges have faced various potential threats in the past such as hacking, regulatory issues, bad business practices due to messy combination of poor management, neglect, and raw inexperience.
Number of exchanges attacked and many million of dollars stolen, MtGox was the first one where a group of hackers compromised the servers due to the central nature of the service provider. It is easy to gain access and take control of private keys which controls your bitcoin, so you should always keep your private keys in your control. There are multiple ways to do that, such as hardware wallets, or keeping it in your laptop, mobile phone, etc.
Another problem with many exchanges are lack of liquidity, which means when one wants to withdraw a big chunk of bitcoin, for example,1000 BTC at current price is about $17 Million, exchanges don’t have that much cash available and ready to move, and therefore the entire BTC market can fluctuate in seconds.
There is no such thing as an instant in these exchanges as you have to first verify (KYC and AML) your account which can take 10 minutes to 3 days depending on your region. Only after such long waiting you can transfer real cash from your bank account, but that is also unlikely, because many local banks are not supporting these kinds of exchanges. The solution to this problem is to buy using an escrow mechanism and get crypto in the same region where one pays using local currency in the same region, such service provider being known as LocalBitcoins.
Another approach to the above mentioned problem is to reduce the cost of switch for traders, so the users can convert token to token without leaving the wallet. It is only in decentralized exchanges which lacks support for a commodity, ease of use and overall lacks user support.
Due to financial transaction exchanges were always under scrutiny, Bittrex came under radar for an incident in which a handful of user documents merged into one support ticket and released in a public forum.
Once again, there is no support when you do not understand something of the website of the exchange or you need to know certain things about the fees. So, you will have to create the support ticket yourself and wait for the answer an hour depending on the volume of tickets. The support system of exchanges is dingy and the company like ‘Coinbase’ does not even have a live chat or a phone number where one can call and get help.
Cryptocurrencies are speculative and bound to manipulation - there have been many incidents on these central exchanges where “Spoofing” is seen. With ‘spoofing’, one puts large buy or sell orders driving traders in one direction and then cancels the order before execution. This implies that anyone who can gain access to trading with large amount of BTC can drive prices to go crazy.
As a precaution many exchanges are locking down a number of accounts if any suspicious activity seen, resulting in distress within the community and customers. Similar incidents reported by community, where whenever ‘Tether’ currency denomination released on Blockchain, there was a sudden surge in the value of the Bitcoin. ‘Tether’ is a cryptocurrency which backed by $1 and it is one of the subsidiary of ‘Bitfinex’. ‘Bitfinex’ banking relationship jeopardized due to a DDOS hack. This gives rise to the question: is Tether a cryptocurrency or just a scam. Newcomers to Blockchain may notice the irony — in an industry obsessed with decentralization, some of the biggest exchanges are centralized, trusted institutions.
“Decentralized exchanges are the way of the future,” said Hugh Madden, technical director for ‘openANX’, a decentralized exchange infrastructure protocol. With the new model in decentralised exchanges you have no order book — buy and sell orders are matched peer-to-peer. There is no central authority where hackers can attack and drain money.
Exchanges have to address these problems in future:
  1. Accessible - faster KYC process , international banking support and integration.
  2. End-to-End Security – Exchanges need to scale , better security for customers to their own data centers.
  3. Cold Storage – Storing all bitcoins, cryptocurrency in cold storage reduces the risk of hacking coins.
  4. Technology Architecture – Right now the exchange architecture is straightforward and the insecure REST API exposed to the world. Using service such as Apache Kafka can reduce I/O throughput.
  5. Banking – The banks do not understand cryptocurrency, if the exchanges want to stay, they have to work together with the bank to provide full transparency within the system .
  6. Liquidity – Right now every exchange lacks liquidity,one of the solution to this problem could be the introducing of new services - for example, the user can spend coins from the exchange for some service or asset.
  7. Easy – It is easy to use.
These protocols are still in development phase, but as we continue to see the threats on centralised exchanges, it is imminent that decentralised exchanges will take over. The answer lies in technology development and complete use of tokens.
In conclusion, as a crypto user one has to be very careful what exchanges they are dealing with and make sure the exchange has a valid banking setup or relationship, verification process and resolution mechanism and meets all the terms and conditions; make sure also, that in case of hack or solvency, you will get your money back or at least a part of it .
Do your own research before engaging in the cryptocurrency space.
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BTC-E and the purging of the bitcoin economy.

You may notice there is an odd feature of the USD bitcoin markets at the moment. Trading on the two most well known USD exchanges, bitstamp and mtgox, is pretty stable at roughly price levels. On what is usually a slightly less popular exchange however, btc-e, trading is occurring at prices which are markedly below this, as I'm speaking about 15% below.
Now there are many factors involved the prices achieved on the different exchanges, and any group of them could be contributing to this feature to different degrees. The discount on btc-e first emerged (as I recall) a few days ago when bitstamp had some outage, and people became aware that they were having significant difficulties in processing deposits and withdrawals. Previous to this, bitstamp had had usually the lowest of prices of the USD exchanges, with mtgox showing a significant premium because of their significant banking difficulties. btc-e was usually to be found somewhere between the two.
So these banking difficulties could be allowed to explain the price differences. I'm not sure I'm convinced by this however, is getting money on/off btc-e all that much easier? I don't think it is. Is the arbitrage loop between btc-e and bitstamp really that closed? I don't think so, at least not to the extent that the bitstamp and mtgox loop has been closed in recent months.
So what is up with btc-e? Something that has been noted about btc-e compared to other exchanges is the relative obscurity of its ownership and operation. It is run out of Russia/Eastern Europe, no address can be identified on the website, and the identities of the owners or operators are not discernable anywhere on the internet. Compare this the status of many of the other exchanges. Mtgox and bitstamp have well known addresses, and operators who are well identified, and have appeared in the media numerous times over recent years.
btc-e also appears to have the most lax attitude to identity verification of any of the major exchanges. This might make it more attractive to some people, but to others it is a further sign that it does not intent to be an above-board exchange with a normal relationship with the regulation system.
This could result in a reduction in the confidence that USD buyers and sellers have in the exchange. They may be concerned that the exchange will disappear for any number of reasons, and their money with it.
It also raises the possibility that btc-e is the go-to exchange for people who are using bitcoin as an instrument in a criminal enterprise. We know for example that bitcoin is being solicited from people as a ransom on files on the victim's computer which are encrypted by a virus. The operators of this scheme are likely to be selling at least a portion of their coins. If they are doing so on a full exchange, you might bet that they would do so on btc-e.
If for argument's sake, we assume this premise, then the current price difference between btc-e and the others might imply that if anyone is willing to do arbitrage between btc-e and the other exchanges and keep the prices somehow connected, then coins will be flowing from btc-e onto the other exchanges. This could mean that the number of coins held by criminal outfits would be decreasing. An interesting possible trend.
Given the meteoric rise that we've had in the last year, and events like the raid of silk road, you might also predict that there is a distinct possibility that btc-e will fall foul of the authorities in the near future. It is hard to understand how they plan on avoiding the ire of the authorities operating with minimal identity verification.
This is a collection of observation and opinion, posted mostly to incite discussion. If I've got any of the facts wrong, please correct me.
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How Bitcoin could become its antithesis (an open letter)

x-post from Bitcoin Forum:
First off let me say right away that I’m a newbie. I’ve known about Bitcoin for a few years, and have been watching from afar, but only recently decided to immerse myself in the technical details — and equally important, the culture. I stayed away out of a suspicion that one of Bitcoin’s main claimed virtues (privacy) was oversold, and because I knew that it would hard for me to get into Bitcoin in a casual way.
What I’ve found so far is a an environment that’s far more complex and captivating then I’d imagined. It could help liberate the world from the chains of fait currency and the banking establishment, but it could also become a powerful tool for statist control. I’m sure this latter possibility is inconceivable to many within the space, but it would’t be the first time a vehicle of liberation spun around 180 degrees.
From what I can tell, the early adopters of Bitcoin skewed heavily libertarian, anarcho-capitalist, Rothbardian. As use of Bitcoin spreads to the general public, the culture surrounding it changes, becomes more mainstream. There’s a long history of online communities which, over time, became hostile to the original crowd and their laissez-faire ideals. Slashdot, Wired, Reddit. You can see the transition happening right now in the comments section at Zerohedge.
The reaction to the fall of MtGox shows that many Bitcoiners are now muggles (or matrix dwellers, if you prefer). These new users were raised on an intellectual diet of “market failure” and “much needed government regulation.” Their first instinct when things go wrong is to look for government to fix it. They’re comfortable with filing requirements, identity verification, withdrawal limits. They’re shocked to find out the BTC exchanges don’t have deposit insurance.
Here we get to an essential weakness of the protocol, at least so far as how it compares to the promised benefits. As a pseudonymous currency with a full public ledger of transactions, the privacy of everyone depends on the privacy of everyone else. Every single input and output from the real world to Bitcoin (every wire transfer you send to an exchange, every purchase of items shipped to your home), is a potential crack in the veil of privacy not just for you, but for everyone else.
I can see that developers are working on interesting technologies, like CoinJoin, which could be baked into the the protocol to enhance privacy. But right now, securing your privacy within Bitcoin requires additional, complicated steps (using tumblers, creating a new address for each transaction). The lessons from PGP email could not be more clear: if it’s a hassle, the vast majority of users won’t do it, which means that users of these privacy measures will be the ones who really need it. But because the defining feature of our new age is data interconnectivity, true privacy in can only come from increasing the amount of noise in the system, not decreasing the amount of signal. When the privacy of the network as a whole depends on individual users taking steps that make their lives more complicated, this privacy won’t survive.
Even if changes to the protocol make tracking harder by default, political changes could allow governments to view a nearly complete record of every BTC purchase and movement of funds. What’s going to happen if the IRS adds an addendum to the FBAR that requires you to list all of your public keys? What will happen when thousands of law-abiding citizens report their capital gains (and losses) from Bitcoin on their returns?
If your Bitcoin profits are turned into fiat and taxed to support the continued bailout of Wall Street, then nothing’s really changed. Bitcoin trading becomes one more acceptable way for people to make money that can be funneled back to the state and its favored groups.
Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s virtues compared to dealing with credit cards, in terms of lower transaction costs and reduced counter-party risk, could speed adoption among merchants, which in turn generates more data to connect buyers and sellers with public BTC addresses.
Volatility, transaction malleability, exchanges gone bad… to me these seem like minor issues, taking the long view. They’re not why I’m still looking in from the outside, without a single satoshi to my name. These aren’t the reasons I decided to write this open letter to the Bitcoin developers and community at large.
I’m writing this because I’m worried that Bitcoin could become a far greater threat to fiscal independence than anything that’s come before. The history of the United States itself should serve as a warning. What began with a constitution to strictly restrain the government’s role, and a Bill of Rights as safeguard, is now a leviathan with effectively unlimited power. The massive economic surplus, fostered by the country’s laissez-faire roots, is now used to fund the largest welfare-warfare state the world has ever known.
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I had about 50% of my life savings in MtGox....

About 3 moths ago, I deposited 3 BTC to MtGox. I initially purchased the BTC from coinbase, and decided to transfer them to MtGox so that i could be able to buy and sell BTC without having to wait a week to get my BTC.This was perhaps the worst decision of my entire life.I have been trying to withdraw my BTC for about 2 months now, but i have been unable to.I was underage at the time that I deposited the BTC and submitted the AML verification request form.I finally turned 18 yesterday, and the first thing i did was submit another verification form.I am really afraid now because i don't have any of the documents that they ask for for proof of residence.I submitted a bank account statement, college acceptance letter, and a letter from my brokerage account. Do you guys think that these documents will be enough to get my account verified? What happens if my account is denied? Will i lose all my money?
I don't see why they would allow me to deposit my BTC in the first place, and then not allow me to withdraw them.I have been really frustrated/angry/ and sad for the past 2 weeks,knowing that i might have just lost all that money.Im already down over 1k from my initial bitcoin investment, and this has just made things worse.
Update : Fuck my life
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Why I will buy or sell bitcoins on campbx, not mtgox from now on

The extent of my reddit experience has exclusively been lurking on /bitcoin but I feel like I have to say something for once.
I've been using mtgox ever since I've first been involved in bitcoin. I don't consider myself a day trader but I guess you could call me that: I hold a certain amount of bitcoins long term, I try to buy things with them when possible, and I keep cash in my account to buy on dips and sell a little when I feel we're at a high point for the week or so. Needless to say, today was very scary.
My experience with mtgox hasn't been terrible up until this point but I'm through from now on. Verification wasn't too bad, nor was depositing via dwolla, but the problems from this week have been the last straw. It started when I tried to withdraw some USD, but apparently now the withdrawal is in "error" status but the amount is neither in my dwolla or my mtgox account. But on top of that is a problem that a lot of us dealt with today.
The fact that a rush of new accounts could trigger this panic sell is unacceptable: when lag happens, instead of rationally waiting, all hell breaks loose. This is bad enough for mtgox customers, but the fact that the entire bitcoin community across all the exchanges is thrown into disarray from a problem mtgox has no incentive to fix (they love the huge volume increase from a panic, more commissions for them) is flat out wrong. It's been said that we need to disperse over more exchanges but I feel very few of us have done anything about it. So from today forward I'm moving to campbx for all my USD to BTC and back needs. Why?
-CampBX is an American company in Georgia. As an American, I have more confidence in an exchange from within my country than an overseas one. I know Bitcoin is a global currency, but I can feel a little better too about my money going to an American company.
-Dwolla deposits and withdrawals (the cheapest way for Americans like myself) take a fraction of the time that they do with mtgox. 6 hours tops for either one, provided you're within the transaction limits, which isn't an issue for me.
-There's no additional verification process other than having a valid dwolla for 30 days (I had mine for ~20 and it worked).
-CampBX has a lot more order options (dark pools, etc). You should really check it out if you're well versed in finance.
-They support google two-factor authentication.
And last but not least, while there isn't as much volume (for now), I haven't had any lag issues with CampBX nor have I heard of any others. The price moves a little less, but it's a lot more stable. Unless you're high frequency trading, that's probably what you want.
If you want to give it a try, I'd appreciate it if you use my refer URL, and you'll get a 10% lifetime discount (if you don't want to, I understand completely). But the above are my honest opinions on the matter, and I think that everyone should consider an alternative to mtgox, and I think that CampBX is one of the best out there.
Refer URL
Non Refer URL
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Just a reminder, now that mtgox crashed the market, dont forget to grab your balls and make some money out of it.

These last couple of days have been crazy, however they shouldnt come as a surprise for some people that saw it coming. Some days ago I posted about how we should expect low prices due to mtgox implosion and the media repercussions that it might bring. A guy was even more accurate but funny when he said it would crash to $100 (but that was a bit more of a crazy luck from an unexplained situation of those 8000k btcs sold in a moment). Ok but what to do now? What can we expect?
Well my original strategy was to sell everything at $820 before the crash initiated and buy back at $500 which was the bottom I had in mind. Well it was hilariously accurate and I was able to do exactly that. So now I bought a bunch of $500 bitcoins that I will hopefully sell in profit next month once the whole mtgox mess is resolved(I expect to sell 30% of them @ $850 and hold the rest for higher orders) So here is what I think will happen (I nailed my 4 last predictions in reddit, lets see about this one):
Mtgox possible outcomes
Anyways, IF this happens, any person in their right mind will pull every penny out of mtgox and put it in another exchange or cold wallet. Mtgox will be out of business or will end up with very low volume and very untrustable low prices compared to other exchanges. Seriously if people dont see that mtgox is doing that right now. Look those $100 transactions in btc-e and bifinex? Right a crazy coincidence that someone in the world would just sell that volume for fun? Mistake? seriosuly? I know some people got some (0.x Btc) cheap "coins" but who took the bulk of that matched transaction? Who got the real amount of coins? I will call it, probably mtghost. What would stop them from doing it anyways, no regulation and its dead easy to do arbitrage if you own the exchange lol..
Anyways I expect prices to go up once mtgox fiasco is resolved. We just need to know what will happen to the money , that will drive demand or supply up we, but be sure that will be the event that will define the price at least for the next 1/2 months. I also would have sell and buy orders ready if I were you, keep up to the events during this week and you can also make a lot of money with the proper understanding of price elasticity of demand.
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What are the benefits to using Mt. Gox as opposed to CampBX or Bitstamp?

I just recently bought my first Bitcoins. Being poor, I was only able to buy $20, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I tried to start using MtGox, but I found that to be a hassle. So, I used CampBX.
This is what I noticed.


Pros Cons
A large clientele No Dwolla support
Trading lag
Needs verification for fiat deposits and withdrawls
Withdrawls suspended
Seems to have some issuses with law at times (When funds were seized is an example)


Pros Cons
Dwolla Support Small clientele
No verification needed 31 day waiting period for Dwolla (Excused because MtGox doesn't support Dwolla at all.
Doesn't seem to have any problem with the law
Easy, withdraws and deposits
I don't see any reason to use MtGox as opposed to CampBX and was wondering why MtGox has a much larger clientele than CampBX.
What do you guys think?
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Key failures of MtGox - the road ahead

The volatility of Bitcoin is, I think, universally accepted as "not a good thing" by the community at large who believe in Bitcoin.
Over the last week it has become painfully obvious to most that the centralization of our market in MtGox is a critical mistake to the health and future of the Bitcoin economy. That is not to say that MtGox won't be and shouldn't be relevant, but that failures on their side have too large an impact.
In other words, we lack options and diversity.
In reviewing what I know and have experienced while trading on their platform I've generally found the following to be key failures, lapses, or issues that will impair Bitcoin's ability to be used as a transaction medium and not merely a speculation vehicle.
Systems Architecture
API/Trading Bots
Trading Features
I've been discussing these issues with various technology investors and we all agree that the western hemisphere needs a powerful, independent platform of its own.
For instance, a new exchange founded in one of the many tax-havens outside of the U.S. would help avoid future governmental interference and independence for Bitcoin while helping stabilize the overall market.
Our general plan is:
If you believe there are other failures with MtGox and the other exchanges that we've failed to identify, let us know! We want Bitcoin stable and moving.
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Anyone else having trouble withdrawing funds from MtGox?

Hello, I'm really nervous right now. I have over $3000 of bitcoin with mtgox , and I have been trying to withdraw some of them so that I can sell them on coinbase and get my money. Every time that I try to withdraw them it says that my account is currently pending verification so I can't withdraw them . There's another problem, I don't believe that I will be verified because I'm not 18. What's going to happen if my account is not verified? Will they keep my money ?
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Mt.Gox: is the verification really necessary?

So in quite a few topics I have seen people mention big queue for verification. Why exactly are people so keen to provide their photo, ID, tax/bill etc?
From what I see, verified accounts do have bigger withdrawal limits and can use Dwolla. But is there anything besides that? Are there some horror stories of MtGox just taking the money until you verify the account (or else you won't see it again)?
My plan is simple: I want to sell few coins to have some $$ on my account, and I will let it sit there, on MtGox balance. But later if the price drops even a little bit I buy bitcoins back. Repeat until I'm happy :)
Do I really have to drop my anonymity? I don't even want to withdraw $$ from it. But even if I wanted to, I still should be able to withdraw within limits, right?
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With all this hate, why did MtGox hold a commanding lead for so long? They got something right!

I understand the disgust of MtGox as much as anybody! they have been holding 5 of my bitcoins hostage for nearly a year because they suddenly, out of nowhere, require me to verify my identity/account before I can withdraw ANY funds, even BTC! I've sent them everything I can but I continue to "fail" their verification... I've almost just given up on them...
BUT, I'm not afraid to say, when it comes to HFT/day trading/panic trading, they aren't only the best, most (ONLY) reliable exchange, they beat the living hell out of their pathetically weak/lame competitors!!! Have you ever watched BitcoinWisdom during a heated panic sell off? Gox, can eat up millions of transactions from around the world without even the slightest hint of lag! I've seen some crazy action in the past few days... I've been trading the dips non-stop for days (stop! PLLZ PPL!! Need... Sleeeeep ) and my Gox lag meter has never gotten behind more than 3 seconds peak! Compare that to Criptsy or Coinedup, lol, those guys shit their pants and run hide in terror every time a few duzon peeps login... Even Bitstamp doesn't come even close to being reliable when the heat is on...
It's that very reason that I started using MtGox in the first place, despite the warnings. I will never forgive them for stealing my 5 BTC, however, I have cussed, thrown fits, smashed windows/screens and lost FAR MORE BTC (and hair) while waiting helplessly on the other exchanges MF websites! Or their lame ass excuse of an API to respond...
Seriously guys, invest in some decent hardware that can handle a massive, DDOS style load. Once you have that in place, triple it!!! Slow, half assed trading systems cost us all precious coins and sanity! If I had the patience to start an exchange, speed & reliability under pressure would be our #1 priority. Even above customer service & satisfaction.
Just last night I was watching a movie when across the room I saw Cryptsy's green "order confirmed" box pop up. I had put that order in literally 3.5 hours earlier!! And if you expect them all to have Gox's LIFE SAVING always-best-price feature (list for 900 when top ask is 853, Gox sells it for 853 and refunds the difference), nope! In fact, some (Cryptsy) I can prove (order # + screenshot) they dont even honor their million mile order backlog in a first-come-first-serve basis! End result: They sold ALL my Dogecoin at about 20% below the current asking price!
I really would like to see MtGox go down... But ONLY IF/WHEN one of the other guys MAJORLY steps up their game! With bitcoin taking over the planet, you need a global enterprise level server farm to host even a small time exchange without pissing off all your serious users.
As MtGox has demonstrated for years, an exchange can be world class shit and still dominate the planet! Gox uses torture, theft, non-existant support, outrageously disproportionate market rate, outrageous fee's, insane terms (months for USD withdraw?), nearly unusable website, and the occasional anal rape... Yet they cannot get rid of the traders because they have just that one simple thing going for them: an adequately sized network! When it all boils down, that is all that really matters to the day traders!
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Withdraw Bitcoins from Blockchain to Your Bank Account Roger Ver on MTGOX Bitcoin exchange - YouTube Is Bitcoin Over? Mt. Gox Pauses Withdrawals Who Will EXPLOIT The Looming BITCOIN CRASH as MT. GOX ... Bitcoin Price CRASH! Ethereum Analysis! MT Gox Settlement!? Risk Management Tutorial! Bitcoin TA

Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this community. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Bitcoin . Home ; Questions ; Tags ; Users ; Jobs; Unanswered ; Mtgox account verification pending, how to withdraw my bitcoins? Ask ... MtGox use a Polish Bank that processes SEPA (Single European Payments Area) transfers; Approximately 60,000 Euros (250,000 PLN) each day can be processed by the bank. The maximum withdrawal for any one SEPA transfer is also 50,000 Euros. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As of today, the institution requires verification for every non-Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal. The move keeps Mt. Gox in line with "strict anti-money laundering rules," and it reduces the chances ... It was 5,500, then 8,300. Last report is that it was 21,000 but another user said he was @ 16,200 position. Let's observe this queue. It is a good

[index] [35195] [32616] [45673] [5728] [43102] [15384] [386] [4526] [938] [22687]

Withdraw Bitcoins from Blockchain to Your Bank Account

Transcript: Hello, I'm Roger Ver, long time Bitcoin proponent. About 7 months ago, purely as a favor to Mtgox, I made a video stating that their fiat withdrawal problems were not being caused by a ... Who Will EXPLOIT The Looming BITCOIN CRASH as MT. GOX Stops All Withdrawals A temporary halt on withdrawals from the bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox on Friday and s... BITCOIN JUST CRASHED HARD! YOU NEED TO KNOW RISK MANAGEMENT. In todays video i give a brief risk management tutorial for when you are leverage trading bitcoin on bybit or duedex. Duedex has a risk ... -----2015 Update----- This video was made 7 months before the collapse of MTGOX. At that time, MTGOX was experi... 1ST SITE : 2ND SITE: 3RD SITE: IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERY ABOUT WIT...