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Oracle Info!

DISCORD Yearly MEMBERSHIP: 0.20 BTC email [Teamus_[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) It includes:
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A live session with ORACLE where he shares his screen and de mystifies trading, anyone can do this regardless of their experience. We have taught people from around the world
Full discord access + private war room where you get free personal ongoing help for life.
Locked help room with over 450 people I've trained to successfully 100x trade. We are all here to help after the consult and make sure you are never alone
Consult only recap videos to recap what you learned in person
With the full package you will never need to spend another penny with me or anyone else ever and you will have a simple money-making skill for life
Full package is 0.35 BTC. email my team to answer any questions you have before you book the consult. Teamus_[email protected]
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BYBIT as a back up ,must use a vpn to sign up
MY UNCENSORED CHANNELS - COCOSCOPE Oracle Bitcoin and Vag ( bitcoin giveaways to subs)
ORACLE YOUTUBE CHANNELS: subscribe and click notifications if you are not getting notifications unsubscribe then subscribe again and hit the notification bell
VAG HACKER (about how to get laid duh)
*DON’T BE SCAMMED BY FAKE Oracle groups! ORACLE is not in any other discord or telegram groups and will never ask you for money. There is no promise of performance or that you will have similar results. Your results are your own and based on your own decisions. Everything seen in any of my videos is based on my opinion and commentary only.
- My channels are for entertainment purposes only Iam not a financial adviser nor am I recommending you invest in anything I talk about crypto is risky and has no guaranties. We can win or lose anything we put into crypto and you need to be aware of this. I make an affiliate commission if you do click an of my links and these affiliate commissions are available to anyone who shares a link. I am not a paid promoter and have never accepted payment or any sort of compensation for making my videos.
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Useful Beginner's Guide to Syscoin

What is Syscoin?

Some have described Syscoin (SYS) as the Shopify, Amazon and Ebay of the blockchain world. Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that offers near zero cost financial transactions, incredible speed and provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin isn’t just about money and trading, it has the ability to attract various business types thanks to its native set of features geared towards business on the blockchain. From eBay traders and High Street shops to Medical applications, Insurance and Gaming, Syscoin’s decentralized network benefits everyone!   Syscoin is developed by Blockchain Foundry (BF). BF provides blockchain technology based services, projects and products for a wide variety of use cases with the stated aim of disrupting markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Syscoin is mainly known to be the first cryptocurrency to offer a fully decentralized marketplace based on blockchain. What is lesser known is that this is only a part of what Syscoin offers.   With the introduction of Masternodes in February or March 2018 SYS will be transformed from just a ’marketplace coin’ to a completely ‘utilitarian coin’. The Masternode infrastructure allows the addition of decentralized databases and file storage, increased transaction speed to surpass POS/Visa/Mastercard capabilities, true Turing complete smart contract capabilities for unlimited business logic, sidechains, application layers and an identity layer. This will all be accessible through an API, rather than a new language, enabling nearly any developer to create any blockchain application they can conceive. This will usher in the next generation of blockchain applications - made for new or existing businesses - by conveniently offering everything available from the blockchain space today. In simple terms think Dash + Ethereum/Lisk + Monero + Nano + Storj + Particl capabilities all in one coin!    

SYS Origin

The blockchain as conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008 envisioned a peer-to-peer electronic cash network that would prevent double-spending. A year later, the blockchain became an integral part of bitcoin, serving as the latter's public ledger of transactions. Although Nakamoto's reference client mentioned a decentralized marketplace service, the subsequent implementation did not incorporate this due to a lack of resources.   Syscoin was initially described in a 2014 draft whitepaper that envisioned Decentralized Marketplace Creation, Decentralized Smart Contracts and Documents, Decentralized Certificate Issuance and Transfer, and Decentralized Data Storage and Retrieval, as among the services that it would offer upon its release.   Syscoin aimed to bring Nakamoto's vision of a decentralized marketplace back into the blockchain, among the other commercial-grade services it aims to deliver to clients. Other services that Syscoin plans to provide include secure data storage and transfer, and unique user aliases that link their owners to the services controlled by the alias.   The early Syscoin wallet was superseded by the release of Blockmarket Desktop 1.0 on September 12, 2017, marking the culmination of Syscoin's vision of a fully decentralized marketplace with a desktop GUI based on the blockchain.   The planned release of Blockmarket Web, a fully web-based version, and Blockmarket Professional in 2018 takes that vision one step further, as more advanced seller stores become a reality.    

The Team

The Team that NEVER quits! Before the launch of Syscoin (Q3 2014), there was a presale ICO by Moolah (as a partner), which turned out to be detrimental for Syscoin. The project raised around 1,000BTC for development but the Syscoin Team only managed to access 250BTC which were used for price support. Moolah (Ryan Kennedy) absconded with the bulk of the ICO funds and the Syscoin team were left with ~30million Syscoin at a price around 400 satoshi. Even after this tragic event, the devs didn’t quit and continued to work on the project without stopping. The case against Moolah is still on-going. See the article from CoinDesk here:   What is this detail telling us about the dev team? While some crypto projects are just scams and bring little to no innovation, they’ve proven that they are in it for the long term - ably demonstrated by the fact that they continued to work despite their funds being stolen. And now that hard work is beginning to pay off with the entire team going full-time for the first time in January 2018 and new developers being hired following VC funding for BF.
View Team Page.    

Blockchain Foundry Products

BF Products    

What is Blockmarket Desktop?

Building on the World's First Decentralized Marketplace, Blockmarket is the newest generation of Syscoin's Desktop wallet with a complete, state-of-the-art marketplace built-in where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish. Entire stores can be created directly through the marketplace where you can sell your own products or re-sell others’ products for commission. Use of blockchain technology eliminates middlemen, credit card fees, maintenance fees, downtime and political interference. Persons are literally able to buy or sell anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere on Earth! Blockmarket Desktop was launched on September 12, 2017. Download Blockmarket Desktop 1.2    

Key Blockmarket Features

- Decentralized Marketplace

The marketplace platform provides a decentralized and high redundant channel for selling goods and services. Features include: • Price Pegging to currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CNY and BTC • Bitcoin and Zcash as payment options • Arbitrated Escrow • Encrypted Messaging • KYC/AML Compliance • Images • Unlimited Inventory Items  

- Name Aliases

Wallet addresses for cryptocurrencies generally consist of a unique string of between 27-34 alphanumeric characters. Such an address isn’t easy to memorize. Although the addresses can be added to an address book within the wallet, Syscoin has taken the user's convenience one step further, allowing you to create a unique Alias for your wallet address, such as a name, title, or characters specific to a username. These can be used to send SYS from home, to a mobile wallet, to work, to friends, to common suppliers or to repeat customers easily, without requiring any memorizing, writing it down, copy & pasting or emailing yourself the address.  

- Digital Certificates

Using the cryptography of the blockchain persons can issue, authorize, and exchange digital certificates of any kind. With Syscoin anyone can issue provably-unique certificates with text or ASCII content to one or multiple parties on the Syscoin blockchain. These certificates can be authenticated by anyone via Syscoin’s cryptographic proof of work. This allows for the creation and free exchange of any kind of digital asset such as ownership certificates, warranties, receipts, tickets, certifications, diplomas, software licenses and more.  

- Integrated Exchanges

Integrated Crypto exchanges - Flypme and Changelly will facilitate exchanging 30+ cryptos for SYS, directly within the Blockmarket wallet.  

- Security Audit Verified

Blockmarket was successfully and independently security audited by Digital Boundary Group and was deemed low risk. View Audit Results.    

Blockmarket Desktop – Quickstart Tutorials (16 short vids)

BM Desktop – Quickstart Tutorials    

Blockmarket Web – (The Key to Mass Adoption)

BM web will bring SYS’s existing decentralized marketplace and all its features into a web-based version, enabling ease of use with a simple email and password login (grandma friendly) without any need for downloading a wallet or waiting for sync. Blockmarket web will be launched in Q1 2018.   This launch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign roll-out that seeks to build brand recognition with audiences within the existing crypto ecosystem and more significantly with the broader, global, non-crypto audience. For this reason Ballistic Arts, a full-service marketing agency was retained by BF. BF Engages Marketing Agency    

Primary Target Market + Value Potential

The primary target market for BF’s Syscoin/Blockmarket web flagship is the retail e-commerce industry. This sets up their decentralized marketplace to rival such commercial giants as Amazon ($648B market cap), Alibaba ($453B market cap) and eBay ($43B market cap). According to eMarketer’s Worldwide Retail and Ecommerce Sales report, global retail e-commerce sales for 2017 were $2.3 Trillion. This is expected to reach an estimated $4 Trillion by 2020 reflecting the rapid growth within this sector.   To perform a very simple assessment of the Syscoin/Blockmarket web’s potential let’s assume that a 1% portion of the forecasted $4 trillion market is captured, which represents $40 billion in revenue. Assuming a sales to market cap ratio of 1:1 for simplicity, the circulating supply of 531 million SYS, with a $40 billion market cap yields a price of roughly $75 per coin. However, with masternodes that limit the circulating supply and token utility that extends beyond retail e-commerce, the SYS price could likely reach much higher. Please note that these are just very simple assumptions and projections for this exercise, however the real world driven potential that this project has is clearly evident.    

Key Syscoin Developments

- Z-DAG: Zero Confirmation Transactions with Double Spend Protection (WORLD’S FIRST)

View Developer’s Twitter post View Syscoin’s Twitter post  

- Masternodes

Ability for world-class transactions-per-second performance to scale-out with added nodes (theoretically 100k TPS per 1000 Masternodes, 300k TPS/3k masternodes, etc). In later releases, masternodes will also process smart contracts and facilitate sharded+encrypted offchain file-storage (with onchain anchors), among other touted functionality. They should also result in steadying the price movements - less volatility as holding will be incentivized.  

- Masternode Rewards + Min. Hardware Specs

Masternode Rewards + Min. Hardware Specs Masternode ROI Calculator  

- Smart Contracts

Scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine: Allows Turin complete smart contracts to be executed following the ethereum protocol at a much faster speed and at a fraction of the ethereum gas price.  

- Assets & Token Issuance

With its token issuance service, Syscoin allows anyone to create a custom asset token which can then be sent directly to anyone else on the network. This facilitates a variety of use cases including ICO token issuance, supply chain management, reward points, and loyalty programs.  

- Anonymous Transactions

Anonymous transactions: via mixing/shuffling at user-specified denomination. Afterwards, additional tech will be added in the near future which will further compound the degree of anonymity provided -Add ValueShuffle running on top of the masternode layer and you have the world's most advanced privacy tech in any coin. This brings true money fungibility to Syscoin and the missing link for true economic sovereignty. View Developer’s Twitter post.  

- Instant Send

Transactions can be sent and received instantly. This represents a similar sending capability as Dash, but is a step beyond- A type of backend node locking will allow an instantly received sum to be sent immediately, without delay, and without network risk of double-spend.    

Why Invest in Syscoin?



Merchant Pilot Program    


Development Updates

White Paper

White Paper.pdf Note: It is anticipated that the whitepaper will be updated by the team in the near future due to recent developments    


Roadmap 2017-2018.png    

Blockchain Application Development Architecture

Blockchain Application Development Architecture.png    

Feature List 2017 & 2018

Feature List 2017 & 2018.jpg    

Where to Buy



• Block Market Wallet 1.2 – Windows and Mac. Download from • QT Wallet for Developers: Download from – Syscoin MultiCoin Wallet (only supports send/receive)HolyTransaction – Syscoin Multicoin Web Wallet (desktop & android)    

Need Help or Want to Contribute?

If you need help for an important wallet issue or if you want to know how you can contribute in promoting Syscoin Join the Slack channel where the SYS team and community members are active, helpful and responsive.    

Credit To

Other Sources    

Last Updated

This post was last updated on Feb 10 2018.    


This post was created particularly to aid those who are new to Syscoin. Please note that the content provided within this post is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as investment advice.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 66 - Only As Serious As We Need To Be

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
'We need to grow up!'
Do we? Really?
'We need to be more serious!'
My line has always been, "Dogecoin: Only as serious as we need to be" -- and I wholeheartedly believe it.
Heck, I'm a mod on /DogecoinScamWatch -- I know all about 'being serious'. Working to try and protect and help my fellow Shibes however I can.
But I don't buy the line that 'we need to be more serious'.
Not even for a second.
Look at where we are right now - a 3-month-old coin, just about to have our first full-blown International payment processor come on board (GoCoin).
We're creating, together! New tools and new ideas every day; building a passionate, exciting community around us.
All, specifically, because we don't take things too seriously.
Because we're making the transition from fiat to cryptos as fun and painless as possible. We're bringing in people who aren't all that technically savvy, we're teaching them in /dogeducation how to play safe. We're looking out for each other in /DogecoinScamWatch
And we're making it a good time.
Take a serious look back at pretty much ALL the press we've ever had, all the heat our currency has going for it and you realize that our niche is, quite literally, the most powerful one you can have.
We're the friendly face of Cryptos. The warm, welcoming, fun community that encourages housewives and truckers, veterans and veterinarians to give this whole thing a shot.
The world around us is 'serious'. There is no shortage of 'serious' stuff going on out there.
People are sick and freaking tired of 'serious'.
They want to have fun.
And guess where we rule?
We, as a community, have a choice to make: Where do we want to be? What do we want our coin to become?
Because, on paper, we're nothing. We're a clone coin. We've added a neat new trick, thanks to DigiShield, but we don't DO anything differently than pretty much any other Scrypt coin in existence. Each and every one of those coins, out there, shuffling and jockeying for position and all extolling how 'serious' they are.
'Serious' is a dime-a-dozen.
Serious is nothing special.
Anyone can do 'serious'.
So, I really don't get it.
I look through the threads, day after day, all these posts bubbling around, talking about how 'serious' we have to be, but at the same time complaining about how much more 'fun' this place used to be.
Everyone wants to be 'serious' as if this is some clarion-call that will somehow 'make all our concerns better'. Invite the 'right kind of people'.
Bitcoin 'got serious'. Invited 'the right kind of people'.
And that place got swarmed with Investors and wannabe-day-traders.
I'm sorry but the reason I left Bitcoin was precisely because of what it became: a chore. Sure they've done wonderful things, I still love them dearly, but man, it was such a slog - day in, day out - 'how much are we worth now'? 'We have to be more serious!'.
/Bitcoin used to be full of memes and people laughing and having a great time. It got so bad they created /BitcoinSerious. Eventually the main sub just eliminated Memes altogether.
Is that the 'serious' we want?
What makes Dogecoin special is that the Money is, and has always been, Secondary to the community; to the experience we offer.
And I get that we've got a bunch of newbies here, who haven't been through what us older-shibes have been through, and that's okay, but please understand that 'being serious' isn't going to give you what you think it will.
Look at GoCoin's reasoning for choosing Dogecoin over all of the other coins that they could've picked.
""We’ve been carefully prioritizing the latest altcoins, and dogecoin really stands out as a viable currency due, in large part, to the strength of its community,” said GoCoin founder and CEO Steve Beauregard." (via Coindesk)
What is our Community known for?
"We love the ethos of the dogecoin community and our merchants are ready to accept it alongside bitcoin and litecoin." (via Coindesk)
We didn't get here by 'being serious'.
And we're not going to make our mark on the world by following Bitcoin/Litecoin/everyone-else-coin's footsteps.
We're blazing our own trail because we dare to be different, to laugh about the process - laugh all the way to the bank... while making a few stop-offs to help folks in need along the way, while stopping to pick up anyone who wants to go to the moon with us.
What we're already doing is working - I know it might not seem like it's 'fast enough' and that after showing up every day, seeing the great press we were getting for Dogesled disappear, it feels disheartening... but it's not.
We're 3 months old. We're not 'growing up', we're not 'forcing ourselves into business-suits'.
We don't need to.
Because those aren't our strengths. That's not what people want from us.
Our strength is this:
"Hey, everyone, there's a party going on and you're all invited! Here! Have some DOGEs! Oh, and check this out!!"
And it's okay if you don't feel that way every day, it's okay if you want to be serious-face one day and party-shibe another, but that's you and your choice.
That doesn't mean we need to reconfigure the whole community.
So, take a step back, read a meme -- create a meme. Relax.
We're doing amazing things -- and the world can't wait to jump in and join us.
To the moon, my friends!
Together :D)
It's 8:12AM EST and we're at 59.97% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is on the upswing from ~55 to ~69 GigaHashes per second and our Difficulty is holding strong at ~1295 -- looks like it's just about ready to take a dive though, so plan accordingly! :D)
As always, I appreciate your support!
SYNOPSIS: This post works to debunk our perceived need to 'be more serious'.
Community Challenge Week is still in full effect!
Community-Wide 'Weekly Challenge':
  • Bring up 'Dogecoin' one time in casual conversation. If it fizzles, let it. If not, listen to what they say, their concerns, their misconceptions.
  • Tip some Dogecoin to a friend who doesn't yet know about Dogecoin. Paper Wallet, Mobile Wallet, QT Wallet, Lite Wallet -- whatever you like.
  • Wear something Dogecoin-related in public all week long. If anyone asks you about it, stop what you're doing and talk to them about it. No pressure tactics or anything. Listen to what they have to say. Their concerns. If they're amenable, give them some Dogecoins.
  • Talk to a small business or restaurant about Dogecoin. Ask them about their concerns - be honest about volatility, risk, etc. Don't try to sell them, ask them what they'd need to have to feel comfortable accepting it. Maybe the answers will surprise us, maybe they won't.
  • Talk to your local media about Dogecoin. Note: You should feel somewhat comfortable speaking about Dogecoin, knowledgeable about what it is, how it works. If interested in undertaking this, I recommend creating a 'Legendary' Thread in the sub and talking it out with the community ;D)
Please post about your experiences in the comments below! :D)
PS: I've also thrown my hat into the ring to become a mod on /Dogecoin_PR. If you think that I'm the kind of person you'd want speaking our community - in a somewhat more official capacity - while working to get the Dogecoin message further out there, please take a moment to pop by and upvote my nomination comment here.
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Due to an influx of new traders from TI4 getting scammed with injection and fake MM scams, we've stickied Hammy's guide on trade scams. If you are a new trader please look over these scams, if you are selling for paypal/WU or any other non-Steam supported method please pay careful attention to the middleman injection and impersonator sections.
  1. You should be in a multi-user chat when someone is middlemaning your trade.
  2. From your multi-user chat you can check all parties involved for legitimacy (always do this before trading).
  3. Start by going from the chat into the buyeMM profile like this:
  4. Copy the url from the user (in this example the buyer):
  5. Go to and paste the user url into the search box.
  6. On the page check for pending reports and use other search functions to look for scam reports:
  7. Using the same method check to ensure your middleman is official:
  8. If everything checks out it is safe to go forward with the trade. If anyone leaves the multi-person chat be sure to check them again if they come back in.
  9. Remember to check as many times as you feel necessary, we are very patient when it comes to ensuring the safety of both the buyer and seller.
  10. A reminder to never trade with anyone marked with a SR scammer tag, such as this piece of human shit:
This is a cross-post from /tf2trade after I requested someone revise our old guide on trade scams and how to avoid them. Many thanks to mostlylurkingmostly for assembling it.
/SGS guide on avoiding scams available here.
List as of 22nd of September 2013.
1. Fake middleman scam
Fake middleman scam is similar to the impersonator scam. The scam would involve 3 people - Victim, 'Fake middleman', and the 'accomplice'. The accomplice would approach you, asking to pay the buyout of your item(s). You checked his profile/backpack/SteamRep and everything seems okay. They would suggest a middleman and you would agree to it. Suddenly, the 'fake middleman' joins the chat and shows you his Steamrep/SourceOP/Dota2Traders page and you would think that he's legit. After giving him your items, they would both delete and block you, never to be seen again.
Note: Anytime someone asks to use a friend from your friendslist who is not an official MM they are either attempting to scam you or your friend. Always decline their offer and insist on an official MM.
Avoiding them: Do not rush into trades. Make sure that the middleman is legit by clicking their portrait in the group chat window and visiting their Steam page, then cross-referencing it with SteamRep. Common sign/s are - Private profile/backpack.
2. The Impersonation scam
Impersonators will copy a trusted trader's or one of your friend's profile down to the last detail and approach you saying they are interested in buying or borrowing something from you. They will claim to have a lot of REP so that you should go first in the trade. After you have given them the items, he would delete you and your item will never be seen again. Common targets for impersonation are the people from the SourceOP Trusted Seller group. A good way to check is the level of English they use. All of them are fluent in English, so they are unlikely to be incoherent in what they say. Also most of them are more mature traders, and are less likely to try and push you into a deal like an impetuous 5 year old.
P.S. -- Valve would most probably not return your item back to you.
Avoiding them:
Steam > Settings > Interface > Display steam URL address bar when available. When someone adds you and say that they'll pay your buyout, copy and paste their steam url to After making sure that they have no scammer tags, find a middleman to help you with the trade. Also, it's really important to search steamrep forums' to be sure that there are no scam reports pending for the person.
Always double check before a transaction. Some of the most heartbreaking scams have been because of impersonating friends' profiles.
3. Taking the items and leave scam ...- thecommieduck
This scam involves someone asking to purchase an item of yours with something that they never intended to pay but they dazzle the person with the ease/value of the transaction. This is also sometimes accompanied by a fake Sourceop link for rep to show they're good-- never trust links the other person gives you. After receiving the item, they'll delete you. Your item would not be given back to you after the trade is done. This also applies to game codes.
Avoiding them: Steam > Settings > Interface > Display steam URL address bar when available. When someone adds you and say that they'll pay your buyout, copy and paste their steam url to After making sure that they have no scammer tags, find a middleman to help you with the trade. Be sure to check the "Search Steamrep Forums" button. (In red here). Even if the person is not tagged yet, they may still have pending reports of them as a scammer.
4. The fake link/phishing scam
One of the most common scam nowadays. This is a phishing technique used by many, especially on TF2Outpost. Phishing links are websites that trick you into giving them your account details (Steam username, password, e-mail username, e-mail password). After you gave your account details away, the phisher would change the email account tied to your steam account as well as the password, after moving your items and Steam wallet to one of his accounts.
Avoiding them : Be vigilant whenever you're clicking on a link. Make sure what you're clicking on is spelled correctly. Also, dmn002 wrote a chrome extension to block misspelled websites. Do check it out!
5. Swap/QuickSwitch Scam
This scam involves the victim thinking they're getting one item but got another instead. Here's what happens: Someone would add you and said that he'll be willing to do a trade. He'll then put up X and you'll put up the items you're paying for it. Without you noticing, he'll quickly switch it to another item of less value. The item might also be renamed to suit X so that you wouldn't notice anything amiss in the chat window of the trade. After trading, he will get away with your items.
Quickswitch scams are quite common among low-grade scammers. It also involves misdirection -- they'll ask you a question in Steam chat so you switch windows, they'll swap the item while you're typing, then ask you to add another item or remove one of them. Then you both approve the trade. QuickSwitch has become more of a "ConmanSwitch" than something done only in rushed trades.
Avoiding them: Always make sure that the items for the trade are the items you agreed on. Do not click ready until you make sure the trade is good to go.
6. Charge back scam
This scam involves someone charging back the amount of money he sent you after receiving the item. The scammer sends funds over Paypal or a similar service, then, after receiving the item from you, contacts his/her bank to protest the transaction. The money returns to the scammer and they get away with the item.
Avoiding them: Make sure the person you're trading with has enough rep and is trustworthy. Avoid too good to be true deals and selling big stuff all at once, like hooks, timebreakers, and unusuals unless they're to a trustworthy person. Moneypak and BitCoin are non-refundable, but require more effort on the buyer's side.
For Chargeback scams, we should also recommend that (for maximum risk avoidance) that the buyer's cash rep should extend much far beyond 90 days in the past. In an ideal world, you are never selling to someone with lots of cash rep that only goes 90 days back (the most common chargeback window for PayPal purchases). As a rule of thumb selling anything major, ignore any cash rep in the last 90 days and your ideal scenario is that their older cash rep should definitely total more than what the current transaction is. That way you have a sign that they are invested in their rep and aren't gaining more by charging back than they are giving up in historical reputation they've built up.
7. Delayed Payment Scam - thecommieduck
This scam involves someone asking you to give/borrow him an item or two for a short period of time. After you've given him the item, he'll delete you with your items.
Avoiding them: Never lend an item you aren't willing to lose to find out if your friend is a traitor.
8. Fake profile rep
Whenever you're doing a high-value/ cash trades, please be aware that Steam profile rep can easily be faked. Never trust the amount of profile rep one has when doing such trades. Comments can be deleted by the owner of the profile, so negative rep will always be lost.
9. Two-man (tag team) scam
There are a couple of variations on this tricky scam. In the first variation, a person adds you. He says he wants to buy an item for a high price (more than the usual price). A second person gets in contact to say they are selling the very same item that person one wants to buy. So you buy it from person 2 at the price they ask for, then both people delete you and you're stuck with an item you didn't want to begin with.
In the second variation, person A says he has the new pudge hair. When you add him he says his brother works at Valve and got a bunch of promo codes that will activate the pudge hair. He then all of a sudden add another person (B) in to the chat. Person B says he wants the pudge hair and person A says "it is a code" and person B will be say "hey, it's okay, I want the code, I will trade you so and so." You now get nervous and think you might miss the deal and you will outbid him. You trade him the item and he removes you.
Avoiding the scam: Never, ever rush trades. If it's too good to be true, it is. Always take your time and this scam will not happen. Also, trading for codes is dangerous.
10. Fake items/nametag scam
This scam relies on the trader's inability to distinguish between a real item and a faked item with a name tag or description tag. Simply put, the scammer renames and describes an item similar to the one you think you are trading for. If you do not notice the difference, you trade for the fraudulent item and lose in the trade.
Avoiding the scam: Check the item in the trade window multiple times to make sure. It will say whether the item was renamed or not. Also check the match ID if it is a faked tournament item.
11. Trade offeSteam Wallet scam
This scam revolves around the Steam Trade Offers feature, and plays on an old scam at the same time. The scammer sends you a trade offer for your items, offering nothing in return, and types in the message box that they are offering you Steam Wallet. You accept the offer and they never send the Steam Wallet, so you lose your items.
Avoiding the scam: NEVER accept Steam Trade Offers where you receive nothing, unless you are certain that this is correct. Also, you will never receive any messages saying that someone is offering you Steam Wallet.
Thanks to - thecommieduck, thorax, cdxliv, neocow, anonymousdeity, EXAX, mostlylurkingmostly, Rhys13th and others.
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Example of a Bitcoin Scam on Twitter - YouTube This Morning - Bitcoin Revolution Scam Alert!!! - YouTube Bitcoin Trader Review *UPDATE* - Legit Profits or Scam ... Ist Bitcoin Trader Betrug? (Erfahrungen und Test) - YouTube Bitcoin Trader Review - BUSTED Crypto SCAM Exposed! (DON'T ... aka Qt Bitcoin Trader Don't be the one to test this - IT scares the S#it out of us from what we've seen. And it's Lithuanian. Confirmed as malware scam. Not the genuine site. 01/07/14. - This site has been going a while, and has had payout issues since it launched. Some get paid, some don't. Support is missing ... It is used by people who trade Bitcoin using Contracts for Differences (CFDs). The bot claims that it offers an 88 percent win rate for its members and that people can earn a thousand dollars a day while using the software. Still, we wanted to find out if those statements were true or not. Is this a scam? At TrustPedia, we wrote this BitQT App review to help you decide if it is worth investing ... At first glance, BitQT differs from the rest, but when you take a closer look, it still is just a copy of a known scam. The respective properties, functions and results of this system are absolutely identical to the scams that we have already reviewed, such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Loophole. BITCOIN_GUI_NAME=litecoin-qt Inside of a configuration file you sometimes need to set what are called ‘global variables’. They are used to save typing over and over. “Bitcoin is a techno tour de force,” Bill Gates was quoted to say back in 2018, describing Bitcoin as an unstoppable force. There was so much scepticism about Bitcoin when it got released in ...

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Example of a Bitcoin Scam on Twitter - YouTube

An in-depth review of the Bitcoin Evolution trading robot. We registered on the platform and made a few trades. Unlike the other reviewers we actually follow... It is a system that we can all agree upon which allows us to exchange value, so we do not have to carry around cows or chickens with us to trade for the things we need. An ideal money or ... Here's an example of a simple scam going on on Twitter. The user is impersonating a known crypto influencer and tried to steal your coins. He tells you won a... Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading tool that uses algorithms to... Sign up to Bitcoin Trader: Bitcoin Trader 2029 Review - Updated. Coinbase: eToro: In dem Video sprechen w...