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I'm now funding ALL THE DEVS IN THE WORLD who are working on the Bitcoin Core, via Bitcoin, and pro rata. (Part Deux)

Hi Bitcoin!
As I have promised in my previous posts [1] [2], I would make sure that this was going to work, get you your answers on the questions you've asked earlier (mostly regarding the platform I've chosen to use for this), proof that it's working, and last but not least, to get the donations that have already been made to the developers. Now that that's all looking good, I'm ready for round two!
To clear some things up at forehand, before reposting the original post, one by one:
  1. My name is Tim Pastoor. Exhibit A: (If you know me and would like to vouch for me, you can simply add this tweet to your favorites. Thanks in advance!)
  2. One of the Bitcoin Core developers has confirmed to me personally that it's working for him, and this gives me the confidence that it'll work for others. I'm keeping his personal information private, so you'll have to take my word on this one. It would be nice if other developers could confirm it's working for them in the comments.
  3. Patrick Savalle, the CEO of Mobbr, will be answering any of the questions you might have regarding Mobbr. In case that anyone experiences any difficulties with our little project here this time, you can now directly contact Patrick through Reddit! Exhibit B:
  4. Patrick has provided me with a link to a video he has made for us. In the video he explains how to link a different address to the one you're using for your GitHub account. Exhibit C:
  5. Mobbr uses a multi-currency wallet, so donations won't be payed out from the same address as the one people are donating to. This makes it harder for people to keep track of the funds themselves on the blockchain, though it does give the users of Mobbr more privacy when withdrawing funds. Patrick has agreed to share data on the addresses they use for this with Jop Hartog from BlockTrail, in case anything suspicious happens and questions arise. This way, Jop will be able to see what's happening on the blockchain and will be an objective participant in this conversation to clear things up, again, in case anything seems to go wrong.
Hopefully this shows our good intentions and clears up any confusion that might have arised from the earlier post.
Again, in case you bump into anything, don't hesitate to ask Patrick (in his AMA) to help you out!
Any further questions for me? Feel free to ask them in the comments!
[1] [2]
----------- ORIGINAL POST -----------
Lot of yada-yada-yada about the Bitcoin Foundation at the moment, and quite frankly, I personally don't even want to participate in that conversation.
So, it's time for something constructive I thought, and I started thinking about how we could pay the developers ourselves; through the community. Since I'm not aware of any mature decentralized platforms that could handle this task (feel free to correct me), I went to
I've looked up the Github Bitcoin Core project page on Mobbr, and simply sent some bitcoin to the address that belongs to it:
1DvutmkwjwiDknAdpHP8ZsrNWqmaqEpBrn [1] [2]
Anyone who has now ever worked on the Bitcoin Core (on GitHub) can go to and claim their bitcoins, pro rata.
I.e., if 1 BTC has been donated to the address, then the developer who has contributed 1% will receive 0.01 BTC. Those who have contributed 20% will receive 0.2 BTC, etc.
For those who worry about using a centralized platform for this cause and about the fees that they might charge, you might want to take a look here [3]. Also, it's Bitcoin, so [?] transparency. Every satoshi that's being donated to this address can be followed into eternity, through any block explorer.
Shares per developer are being calculated according to the GitHub stats, as far as I know [4].
I couldn't come up with a better solution for now and was willing to show that the community can and wants to help the development of Bitcoin itself.
If we'd all contribute 0.01 BTC, or even 0.001 BTC per person per month, we'd all contribute a little bit to the very much needed development process of the Bitcoin Core. Hopefully this will result in the resources that this project needs.
I thought it would be worth a shot. Now I'm curious if you think so too.
ps: didn't pay me for this, and I'm not directly involved with them. I am biased on the subject though, because I believe that they have a kick-ass platform.
----------- /ORIGINAL POST -----------
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