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16 Finally going to be part of the 21 Million Club

Warning skip to second paragraph for the more important part I first heard of Bitcoin in an issue of the Linux Format, I said to myself oh some stupid internet money better pass. This was in 2010. I was a teenager first learning about Computer Science by just playing around with computers, tinkering with some languages and some very small projects that never lead to anything. Fast forward to Freshman year in High School. Bitcoin hits $1100. Our business class is discussing it, I was skeptical of it, and the class eventually convinced itself as some stupid fad. We believed it was some Japanese company or something. We couldn't believe it was decentralized, we had to believe someone was behind it. Now fast forward to Sophomore year. I am sitting in my Comp Sci class completely bored, and after watching Alan Turing in that enigma movie, really good movie by the way, I decided I should make my own cipher. I played with a Python console and simulated the Enigma(I read it was secure(except it was weakened, not broken, by the fact that a letter couldn't encrypt to itself, and there were flaws with the German commanders who used it, it was 99% human error that took down the Enigma). I said this is pretty nice. I think I got a keyspace of ~73 bits, I'm sure there were flaws that probably weakened that keyspace and the algorithm, one error I faced was that when one rotor would flick and another does and the net change is 0 you have a repetition, but I wasn't able to kink that out and just added another rotor. I begin playing with cryptography, I passed the class with flying colors while still doing nonsense for around 80% of the class time, I've been programming since second grade(thanks to a great influence who got me in early). I played with RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and all these, then I learned of Bitcoin. Nearly every book I read had a reference to Bitcoin(I had the luxury of pirating textbooks and finding parts that I would like, a few I had to buy). Then I learned of Elliptic Curves. I couldn't figure it out for a long time. RSA took me maybe two weeks to implement. ECDSA is something I still barely understand. I bought a book on it, no help, it doesn't do enough to explain inverses in a finite field, and other topics I couldn't grasp. I'm still playing with it, I implemented a few functions on an elliptic curve, I couldn't do a few others, I can't derive the order of a field etc, but I can do point addition and a few other things. Let's just say I went really overboard and became a Bitcoin enthusiast in maybe 9 months. I lurk on this subreddit probably daily now.
Now I finally am becoming part of the 21 Million Club. I saved some $300 and will be going to CVS to buy a money order tomorrow to buy an entire Bitcoin. I generated some sort of Cold Storage on a Ubuntu machine(online but pretty damn sure I'm not compromised, I've held around .8 BTC earlier this year and nothing). I deleted the private keys etc, I made two paper wallets, one unencrypted, which will be kept in my house, and one encrypted one which I will hope to find some where safe to keep just in case there ever is a fire in my house or whatever. I took a picture, I also have a bunch of other paperwallets that all they are missing are hologram stickers, the ones worth less than $10 I just taped up, I keep these just in case someone is interested enough in Bitcoin for me to give them some, I've given out about 4. I mean I felt very excited to finally join the 21 Million Club and just had to post lol. To the moon. EDIT: It didn't post with my photo. 1 BTC in Cash unfortunately(for tonight) TLDR: Excited kid turns into a Bitcoin enthusiast, goes out of his way to buy and entire Bitcoin. Addition: I can and probably should work by now, but I decided that this summer I was just going to work on sports, and more computer science, so that's how it went.
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"IMHO I would keep my BIG money in a 'coin' that has 512 bit Hash key and a 512 bit ECC Signature, which should be good until around 2030, I assume that most current sha256 now in use will be broken by 2020". *inflection* ®

What is the safest crypto-currency? How long before BITCOIN dies?

Well Bitcoin is now ten years old, and the TECH (NSA) ECDSA-SECP256k1/SHA256 is much older, historically most of these NSA public standards don't have more than a ten year life, before they're 'cracked'.
IMHO I would keep my BIG money in a 'coin' that has 512 bit Hash key and a 512 bit ECC Signature, which should be good until around 2030, I assume that most current sha256 now in use will be broken by 2020.
BITCOIN core is a private-club ( a clique you would call in high-school ) of guys who have gotten very conservative, and just because your first doesn't mean anything in the real-world. Lotus-123 was first in spreadsheet in 1985, and Digital Alta-vista was first in 'search' today nobody ever heard of these company's, the same will be of bitcoin.
BITCOIN refuses to solve any problem in bitcoin like privacy, or the use of NSA algo's, thus in time they will die because of HUBRIS.
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Continuing with this analogy, your private key is like your house key that allows you to unlock your door. How Does Private and Public Key Encryption Work? Public and private keys are paired to enable secure communication. For the purposes of this article “secure communication” also includes sending Bitcoin, Ether, or another cryptocurrency ... The private key must also be backed up and protected from accidental loss, because if it’s lost it cannot be recovered and the funds secured by it are forever lost, too.” ― Andreas M. reactions. What is a Private Key. The Private Key a tricky form of cryptography that entitles a user to access his cryptocurrency. It is a alphanumeric password/number that is 256-bit long numbers which is ... Bitcoin mining ASICs can't brute force anything to do with finding address collisions or reversing address -> public key -> private key. All Bitcoin miners do is a double SHA256, and bitcoin mining itself is basically just a brute force preimage attack against the target. Performing double SHA256 quickly would help you on just two parts of taking a random private key from the key space and ... No, standard DSA is non-deterministic, which for ECDSA means that it relies on a cryptographically secure random number generator (in step 3 in the description on Wikipedia, to be precise).If a constant is used with different input then ECDSA will leak the private key.This is what happened to the Sony private key used to sign games, which was cracked by the German Chaos Computer Club (but only ... Home » Bitcoin Generator » Hack » Miner Software » Bitcoin Ecdsa Private Key. Minggu, 01 Desember 2019 Bitcoin Generator Hack Miner Software. Bitcoin Ecdsa Private Key 17+ about Bitcoin Ecdsa Private Key that you can download for free. How To Use Bitcoin Private Key CryptoCoins Info Club. Download MOD. Get MOD. Bitcoin private key 256 bits / Snm coin binance xml file. Download MOD. Get ...

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EB50 – BTC2B Conference: Nicolas Courtois & potential security vulnerabilities in Bitcoin ECDSA

Those secret keys are typically used to create and sign transactions (payments, smart contracts, etc.) using ECDSA. Wallet implementations range from simple open-source software to hardware tokens. Vídeo original: Welcome to part four in our series on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. I this episode we dive into the development o... Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 3: public/private keys, signatures... and first ever transaction - Duration: 36:25. Matt Thomas 21,984 views Elon Musk about Tesla, Bitcoin & Ethereum Giveaway, plans for the future Big interview Live Elon Musk 42,364 watching Live now How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio - Duration: 31:00. Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm ECDSA Part 10 Cryptography Crashcourse - Duration: 35:32. Dr. Julian Hosp - Blockchain, Krypto, Bitcoin 5,773 views